How weddings were created

Marriage or wedding is a sacred rite or act in which man and woman become husband and wife. Weddings have existed since time immemorial, a practice passed through three stages. The first marriages were actually kidnapping. Primitive man would simply kidnapped the girl whom he wanted to marry, or be redeemed – to her family paid the appropriate value. Then the marriage contract would close, where still there was no mention of love, but only on the obligations. He eventually founded a marriage based on mutual love. But. even today there are remnants of the first two stages:

–          Selling women, custom prevalent in many countries, comes from the time when the bride is really selling.

–          Godfathers – Witnesses at todays weddings – probably were originally well-armed warriors who helped primitive man to kidnap the bride.

A honeymoon is the time represented by the groom was forced to hide their young while her relatives do not tire of searching for her.

When it comes to customs related to marriage, many of them were certainly so old that their origins are lost in the distant past. For example, in some primitive tribes believed that the marriage took place when a young man and girl together eat a bowl of rice, which meant that they agreed to live together. For many nations, the grain is a symbol of fertility and abundance, where the origin of the custom of spreading grain newlyweds. Custom that married couples bear ring, one of the oldest and most widespread in the world. It was created so long ago that no one really knows when, so the explanation of the possible origin of this custom is different.

The ring is a circle, the circle is a symbol of unity and completeness. And when a man and woman marry, are complete unity, which is the symbol of the ring in the shape of a circle. It is possible that Burma emerged in the form of bracelets which are in old time putting the kidnapped girl. Circular bracelet on the arm or leg, indicating that girl belongs to only one man in the tribe, was gradually replaced by a snuffbox.

The first people who started wearing wedding rings are the Egyptians. In hieroglyphics, signs of which comprised the old Egyptian hieroglyphic, the circle represents eternity, and Burma was a symbol of marriage that lasts for ever. Christians have begun to wear wedding rings around the year 900. Why the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? The ancient Greeks believed that a vein starts from this finger and goes directly to the heart. But the real reason probably is that the finger is used less than the other fingers, so it is convenient for him to wear a decoration.

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