10 rules for a healthy long- distance relationship

Long-distance relationship is a real challenge to maintain, but if love is really present, with a few tips you can easily keep your relationship healthy for a long time.

1. Set the rules

Agree with your partner about the rules, how often you will be seeing, hearing and other important matters.

2. Long-term objective

This is something you will both have to agree upon. If the relationship is longer and more severe, it may be planning marriage.

3. Talk with each other

Communication helps a lot. Even if you are very busy, always find time to talk with your partner.

4. Use different forms of communication

Communication is not a problem in modern times. You can use different forms of communication, such as Skype, mail and cell phone.

5. Often visits

Get organized so you can see each other as often as possible. This involves efforts from both sides.

6. Keep more confidence

It is understood that, when you live in different cities or even countries, you cannot know what your partner does. To avoid the relationship being ruined doubts and jealousy, increase the existing trust.

7. Intimacy

Whenever you are together, spend as much time together enjoying the intimate moments.

8. Do not lose hope

Do not be drawn in difficult moments, but try to find a solution.

9. Talk about problems

At one point of the relation, you sure will encounter a problem. It is important that you talk about it with your partner.

10. Be faithful and devoted

The most important thing in any relationship is loyalty and dedication. This means that you need to give the best of you and receive the best of the partner in a relationship.