10 tips for perfect mashed potatoes

Mashed potato is a favorite side dish that is simply irresistible to both children and elders. Although the preparation of mashed-potato seems simple, the secret of perfect, creamy, rich taste lies in the waiting. We reveal you ten tips with which your mashed potato will be impressive and its preparation- inevitable.

1. Perfect potato 

Potatoes are divided into several groups: starch, waxy and all-purpose. For the puree is recommended to use the starchy ones. They make a creamier mashed potato. If you cannot find the starchy potato, let your second choice be the ones that are used for all purposes, and choose the waxy only if you cannot find the first two.

2. The same size

Once you have found a perfect type of potato and pealed it, it is time to chop it. When chopping up potatoes into cubes for cooking, make sure to cut it into equal size. If you slice the potato cubes unevenly, cubes of potatoes will not cook evenly, and you certainly want to avoid that.

3. Remove the unnecessary moisture

To remove the excessive water from the potato, drain the potatoes after they are cooked, spill the water in which the potato has been cooking and return the potatoes back in the hot pot. The steam will evaporate all the unnecessary water.

4. Use the right “tool”

It is always better option to use a plain old hand crusher while mashing the potato.  Mixer will degraded starch, and the result will be more liquid puree and that is not quite desirable texture for your mashed potato.

5. Right measures

When we talk about the right way, we do not mean to tell you how much you should eat, but that you should not too mash the potatoes for long. When the puree is just the right consistency, add the milk and butter, but you do not have to mix it for too long.

6. Proper temperature

When you add milk to a puree, make sure that the milk is warm, so it can more easily get absorbed into the potatoes.

7. Measure the additives

Make sure not to add too much milk or cream to your puree as you might dilute it and get the unwanted texture.

8. Finish up with a little butter

The taste of mashed potatoes will improve by using butter. The famous culinary experts advise that the ratio of potatoes and butter is 2: 1.

9. Do not forget to salt

Salt is a mineral that serves to enhance and emphasize the taste. Always put the salt in the water in which potatoes are cooked.  You’ll probably have to add extra salt to potato when it is cooked and mashed.

10. It is all in the timing

Make sure to prepare the potatoes last so that they do not cool.

Tips Plus: When the mashed potatoes is over, insert it in the accessories to taste to a whole new level: two handfuls of grated Parmesan cheese, half a handful of finely chopped chives, two cloves of garlic and one onions … the choice is yours!