5 reasons why is Tesla Model S a perfect car

, 5 reasons why is Tesla Model S a perfect car

The car Tesla Model S seems as vehicle of the future, which shows us what might our four-wheel pets looks like in the (near?) future.

Tesla Model S is synchronized with the user and his environment that is technologically much ahead of other cars. We present you some of the useful and „smart“ things that Tesla Model S can, and the other cars cannot do.

1. Application handling

A free application for smartphone allows owners of Tesla Model S to turn on the heating in their Tesla S car from any place in the world with an internet connection. When the application and the car connect, the app first checks the condition of the accumulator, and if it is satisfactory, you can adjust the desired temperature, turn on the lights, horn, open the sunroof and unlock the door.

The application also shows the position of the car on the map.

2.  Regenerative breaking system

This car has a so-called regenerative breaking system, with which the brake pedal does not have to be pushed, except in the case when the driver wants to stop the vehicle. In fact, removing the leg with gas pedals Tesla Model S slows down much more than the classic cars, because the car is at that period charging its batteries. When you master this system, the brakes are almost not used at all.

3. Touch Screen Control Panel

Control panel is dominated by a 17 inches display which controls almost everything in the car, from the cars roof, heating, air conditioning, lights, music, drive systems, braking system, and so on.  Of course, the control panel is connected to the internet search and navigation system.

4. Greater acceleration

Tesla Model S acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is achieved within 4.2 second which is shorter than a Porsche Carrera 911 S. What is impressive is that Tesla Model S has an electric motor which does not produce any noise.

5. Space

Batteries of this car are placed in the floor, and the motor is located between the rear wheels, so it has more than enough space in the cabin and trunk. It has space for five adults and a huge trunk allows mounting of additional seats.

Since the motor is “hidden” in the floe, the front leaves more than enough space for eventual baggage.

, 5 reasons why is Tesla Model S a perfect car
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, 5 reasons why is Tesla Model S a perfect car
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