5 steps of teaching your child to use potty

, 5 steps of teaching your child to use potty

Using the potty is one of the biggest changes that the child experiences in its first years. Potty learning is not only a process that a child goes to, but also a very unusual process for a parent to go through. But that process does not have to be fastidious if you follow the 5 simple steps that we advised you. You surely will not regret reading the tips above,

1. Let the child choose

Let your child pick a potty or the auxiliary board. He needs a potty which will sit on the floor that is his own, which can be towed all over the house or to offer a favorite dolls or teddy bears. Acknowledge your child that he is going to use a potty, just like his parents do, and that he (she) is all grown now.

2. The time to assimilate

Allow the child to sit on the potty in diapers if the child shows any interest in a new potty. Sitting on a cold potty can have completely the opposite effect, so he initially let the child sit on the potty dressed for as many time the child wants. During that time, you can read him story or sing together.

3. The potty has its uses

Take him to the bathroom, take off his diaper and try to pour the contents of the diapers in the potty. Try to place the contents of the diaper in the potty several times in order to help him to more easily understand the purpose of the potty.

4. Stay cool 

Encourage your child to take off her diaper and have a little running around without a diaper. Then ask him if she wants “to go to the potty.” If a child has already done it and went to the potty, try to stay cool and do not show your thrill with the new accomplishment.

5. Learning time

While trying to teach your child to use potty, have in mind that it does take certain amount of time for a child to fully accept this new behavior. Therefore, be prepared that the “accidents” will happen. Having that in mind, try buying intensified panties or diaper-shorts that he (she) can autonomously take off and dress. And if your child really successfully used to the potty instead of every day delight in, accept it as normal. Now your child is on the right track!

“Accidents” do happen

If your child has learned to go to the potty or toilet, surely you are proud of and it is OK. But do not be disappointed if you experience the occasional accident. Remember that your child is sometimes forgetful, playful, and that can have bad days just like all of us.

Encourage the child by telling him that the “accidents” entirely normal and acceptable and that it can happen to anyone.  In the case that the child has made a mess, offer him/her to clean that mess together, and let the child know that they will eventually succeed to get used to the potty. And that every child really needs to hear, especially after the “accident”.

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