Advices for driving the cat in the car

In general it can be said that cats do not really like to travel, therefore, they definitely do not enjoy driving in the car. Since the behavior of cats primarily depends on cats’ personality, there are those who really enjoy driving, but some certainly not tolerate the car driving.

Majority of the cats definitely do not enjoy the car ride. Some will start meowing at the very entrance to the car, some will be nervous and want to walk, and to some ride might cause nausea and even vomiting. To make sure that your trip goes stressful for you and your cat, regardless if the ride is short or long distance here are some tips you can apply.

Any movement of a cat in the car can be very dangerous as it will interfere the driver directly. It can even happen that the cat jumps on the driver or crawl under the gas and brake pedal.

Therefore, the cat should be placed in a closed conveyor or basket, and so you will be sure that the cat will stay inside. It would be good thing to carry and feline toilet or box in which the cats relieve themselves if necessary. Always carry water, especially in summer when the temperatures are high.

Avoid feeding the cat before the trip because it can harm the cat and the cat might vomit. There are medicines for vomiting and nausea that can be prescribed by veterinarian and your veterinarian will probably advise you on the proper dosage.

If the trip takes longer route, it would be desirable to stop a few times while driving in order to give the cat to drink and to make it a little walk and fresh air.

If you notice that the cat is calm and well tolerates the ride, remove it from the conveyor and let it free to sit on the seat, or you lap.

In order to make your cat journey more comfortable, do remember take with you her favorite blanket, towel or pillow.

Do not open windows while driving, and be careful when you step and open the door so that your cat does not escape the vehicle and exposes to danger.

Although some cats are calm while driving and it seems to really enjoy the ride, especially in the area below the rear window, make sure that if it is a very sunny and warm day, the cat does not reside in the place that is exposed to direct sunlight because this could be harmful.

The chances are that your cat will not make any problems in the ride if the cat is used to driving since it was a cub. Take care of the cat’s feelings and do all it takes to make the cat feel good and comfortable during the ride.