All the advantages of aluminum foil

, All the advantages of aluminum foil

If you have been using the aluminum foil just for food scraps and used exclusively in the kitchen, you did not use its full potential. The aluminum foil can be use in other unusual purposes. Here are some of the ways you can maximize the potential of aluminum foil.

Improve heater efficiency

In a simple way you can get more heat from the radiator with the same energy consumption. Cut a piece of cardboard or plywood to the size of the radiator and cover it with the aluminum foil. Place it between the radiator and the wall, and the foil will redirect the heat back into the room.

Protect your mattress

Very often happens that your child faces “emergency accident” and pees in his bed overnight. And that’s the problem. In order to keep you mattresses clean and dry, place a few layers of aluminum foil under the sheets and you will solve that problem.

Mirror fixer

If you have an old, but very expensive mirror that is full of cracks and shadows that are created by peeling of background colors, you can easily resolve this issue. Merely set the shiny side of aluminum foil to the back of the mirror, place the mirror back into the frame and secure it.

Sharpening the scissors

Cut the Aluminum foil into several strips and fold it a couple of times and then cut it with scissors. After several cutting, scissors should be sharp. Very simple, right?

Move the furniture

Large and heavy pieces of furniture can much easier be pushed from one place to another if you set pieces bent aluminum foil underneath them. Let the matte side of the foil be placed facing down.

Battery loses contact

If the device battery loses contact, which is very often after prolonged use, simply cut a piece of aluminum foil. Fold several times and inserted between the battery and contact to enable the electricity supply.

Clean chimney

If you enjoy sitting by the fireplace, but you hate cleaning the ashes, the aluminum foil can help you.  Set several thick aluminum foil layers at the bottom of the fireplace and then stack the wood. When you burn wood, just pick up the foil and that’s it.

Tool for painters

You can use aluminum foil to improvise palette for mixing colors. Simply take a piece of aluminum foil, lightly crumple it and wrap the card cut in the form of pallets, or simply wrap around the lid of a container. When you are done, remove and throw away the foil.

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