Avoid chronic fatigue in 4 steps

, Avoid chronic fatigue in 4 steps

The number of people who suffer from unexplained fatigue that substantially impairs the quality of life is rapidly increasing. Chronic fatigue is not a real disease, but is a result of the accelerated pace of life and stress.

Chronic fatigue Symptoms (CFS)

Chronic fatigue has a great negative impact on an individual and some of the symptoms of the chronic fatigue that may depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Shortness of breath, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, eye pain, and sudden weight loss or weight gain can also occur in the case of chronic fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue symptoms may include be fatigue, memory loss and concentration, headache, sore throat, enlarged and painful lymph nodes in the neck or armpits, unexplained muscle pain, and pain that “moves” from one joint (without redness or swelling), sleeplessness and extreme fatigue that lasts more than 24 hours. People suffering from chronic fatigue often have digestive problems as abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea. In some cases, there are an allergy or sensitivity to certain foods, odors, chemicals or drugs, dizziness, fainting, dry mouth, earache, chest or jaw, arrhythmia, morning stiffness, nausea and night sweats.

Chronic stress causes anemia (reduced hemoglobin in the blood that is associated with iron deficiency), hypothyroidism (endocrine disorder caused by improper operation of thyroid tumor or on it), sleep disorders (suppression of apnea or insomnia), various infectious diseases (immune stress upsets system and are more susceptible to mononucleosis, herpes, influenza …) tumors (ignoring smaller moles and lumps because of fatigue and overcrowding business can be fatal), metabolic diseases (diabetes and stress are brothers and allies), hypertension (high blood pressure is the silent killer) , allergies (there are also those for whom you did not know) …

Four Steps to Peace

  1. Determine the importance of obligations, and do it immediately. Prioritizing your obligation can be one big step for organizing your life.
  2. Do not despair or lose sleep because of what you did not do; poor sleep will deepen the  fatigue and stress
  3. Learn to say “no” when we are exposed to jobs. Take a break every now and then.
  4.  Do not leave everything to the last minute. Plan a time for travel, meetings and small pleasures

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