Choose the glasses in accordance to the shape of your face

, Choose the glasses in accordance to the shape of your face

There hardly is a person that has never been in doubt when choosing perfect glasses. It is often difficult to match the beautiful design and an appropriate price and usually one of the two fails. In the rare situation where design and price suit, appears third problem – the frame is simply not what you imagined.

Before you go shopping for glasses, determine your face shape and learn a few simple rules to best align with the shape of the face frame glasses.

How to determine the shape of your face?

Stand in front of a mirror and put your hair behind your ear, to see the whole face. You can also take a photo, and a pencil to mark all protruding facial features in the photograph. Highlight the cheeks, around the outer edge of the eyebrow and each side of the jaw. Connect the lines and you will get a visual idea of ​​the shape of your face. If you find it difficult to determine the exact form, select the most dominant.

While buying the glasses, take into consideration the three main rules:

  1.  Frame of the glasses should be in contrast with the shape of your face.
  2. Proportions of glasses must be in accordance with the proportions of the face (which means it is better that they are not too big or too small)
  3. Frames should be aligned with a feature of your face that you want to highlight (i.e. Blue frames emphasize the blue eyes).

Round shaped face

The persons that have this shape of the face should wear glasses that will visually elongate the face. So, avoid round frames that could make the face look more rounded, and do choose those glasses that have straight lines. Round faces should contrasting frame glasses, such as square or rectangular. Do not be afraid to experiment with color, because color can enhance your appearance. Dark glasses, black or brown can add dimension to your round face. Persons with the round shape of the face can choose to wear slightly oversized glasses.

Heart shaped face

This face has a wider forehead and a pointed chin, so it is not necessary to put even more emphasis on the upper part of the face. Attention should be brought on the area of eyes, choosing sunglasses whose frames have interesting patterns. You can wear somewhat simpler glasses, with smaller frame and lighter colored, discreet colors or glasses with frames that are longer at the bottom.

Diamond shaped face

This face shape is characterized by a small forehead, high and pronounced cheekbones, narrow eyes and a narrow jaw. If you are among the rare people that have this type of face, choose the glasses that extend the forehead while pushing down appearance of the face. To highlight your eyes, try choosing the frames that have accentuated the thicker upper part of which covers the area of eyebrows. Try opting for “cat-like” frames

Oval shaped face

In the persons with oval shaped face, the main emphasize is on the cheekbones and chin which is slightly narrower than the forehead. The oval face is considered to be perfect for all frames. Such face shape fits almost all models of glasses of different shapes and styles. However, to further highlight the natural beauty of the oval face, choose glasses that are complementary with the eyebrows line – frames that are equally wide or slightly wider than face best treasure rectangular frames with rounded edges.

Square shaped face

The square faces are characterized with strong jaw, broad forehead and wide cheeks. Therefore, the persons that have this type of face should choose the frames that will elongate, soften and alleviate the angles and facial lines, and they should opt for round or oval frames, which are in contrast to square facial features. Ideal choice is large round and dark glasses.

Elongated face

Usually this face is characterized with pronounced cheekbones and often elongated nose. To make face looked shorter, choose full frame glasses. May they be in color or have some interesting sampled because it will get so face to depth. To make the nose look shorter, make choose the type of the glasses that have shorter “bridge” on the top of the nose.

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