Clean your computer from dust and dirt

, Clean your computer from dust and dirt

Hardware problems are common and can be prevented in several simple ways. Dirt and dust can severely damage the computer as they act as isolators and thus retain the heat and lodge the ventilation of the processor, which is why the components can overheat. In addition, dirt and dust can cause short circuits inside the computer components. The compressed air, which you can buy in stores better equipment, is irreplaceable assert for cleaning the dust. The dust is dangerous for your device as it can lead to other hardware problems. Connectors and cards can be loosen and the dirt can weaken the connections between devices.

Clean dirty surfaces

Dirt along with dust can pile up on the motherboard and all other cards. Clean them regularly. Do not use any cleaning agent, unless it is intended for cleaning electronic components. Do not use a brush, swab or cloth as they may leave fibers residues that can produce static electricity.

Blow out the accumulated dust

Blow all the dust that has accumulated on the motherboard is on both sides of other cards with compressed air.  Make sure to blow the dust from different angles to clean all the hidden areas.

Clean power

Accumulated dust and dirt in the power of computers can block radiation. So clean it with compressed air directed into its ventilation openings. Do not open the power supply as it retains a strong electrical charge even when it is turned off.

Clean the keyboard

A large amount of dust, hair, dirt, and paper dust accumulates inside the keyboard by falling through the openings between the keys. Use spray to clean all the openings on a keyboard and turn it upside down so that various other dirt pieces could fall out of it.

Clean the mouse

This will prevent dirt and dust caused by improper movement of the mouse.

Clean the connectors

If the connectors and joints get dirty, your computer may stop working properly. Use a plastic stick and special cleaning agents for electronic components to clean the connectors and joints.

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