Data recovery tools for your Android mobile

, Data recovery tools for your Android mobile

Today, cell phones are designed to store all sorts of data, such as contact lists and phone numbers, photos or audio and video recordings, or email and other information downloaded from the Internet. Just like with the computers, one can accidentally lose all data from the mobile phone. Depending upon your network provider and your synchronization settings, some or all of this data may be available elsewhere even if you cannot retrieve it from your cell phone.

Certain amount of data on a mobile phone is transferred via the Internet, and copies of this information may still be available even you cannot access your handset. For example, some cell phones automatically synchronize newly entered data with online accounts and some mobile phones are programmed to leave copies of email intact when you check for new messages from your phone. This means that you can still read these mails from a webmail or home computer.

In case you have set up your mobile phone to automatically synchronize contact list and calendars with your desktop or laptop, you’ll have copies of that data every time you connect phone with desktop or laptop. Open up your computer’s address book and calendar software, even if you don’t normally use it, to see whether your data has been copied there for safekeeping.

, Data recovery tools for your Android mobile

Also, you can try connecting your mobile phone to a computer with software that performs such a backup. If you cannot turn on your cell phone, try removing or replacing its battery.. Even if your cell phone is broken, you may be able to get it working long enough to perform a data backup to your computer.

Here are some easy-to-use tools for data recovery on Android-based mobile devices:

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

This is another great data recovery app for Android based mobile devices. You can restore photos, saved videos, contact details, SMS, music files and any other information that is accidentally lost. The app will scan for lost data and restore it back onto the phone.

Data Recovery from Google Store

Data Recovery from Google Store is an app that deals with the complete diagnostics of your mobile phone. It checks the data status, locates the contacts, textual and multimedia files, makes a bit-by-bit copy of the data, and restores the lost data onto the phone.. Data can be recovered from the SIM card as well as SD card with this app.

MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad Android Data Recovery is designed to help you recover any images, songs, videos, documents, archives, and more data stored on your SD card. Scan, check and recover. Three simple clicks and your digital life is back to life.

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