Defrosting the windshields

Since it is winter time, therefore snow time, many people who do own a car but don’t have a garage are facing the same problem almost every morning.

Although there are many chemicals that could eventually help facilitate the removal of ice, lots of them are not good for you or for the car. The thicker the layer of ice on your car, the harder the cleaning will be.

The thing that we recommend is prevention. This is an advice that genuinely applies to every situation, and so it is the best option for helping you to clean the ice off of your car in the winter period.


This is one of the simplest and cheapest, yet very effective solutions. Take a cardboard box that is wide enough to cover the entire windshield. When you park your car in the evening, just take the cardboard and place it on the windshields, and use the wipers in order to fix the cardboard. This should make your cleaning job very simple in the morning.

Sun reflector

This simple item does not serve only for sunny days, but it can also be very beneficial for the cold days. Apply it in the same manner that we advised you to apply cardboard; simply spread it on the outer side of the windshields and fix it with wipers. You can even use some fabric and cover the windshield; it would have the same effect.


Vinegar has very broad usage, and can also assist you greatly when it comes to prevention of the freezing of your windshield. Just mix the solution of white vinegar and water in ratio of ¾ of white vinegar and ¼ of water. Sip the solution in the spaying bottle and apply the solution onto the windshield and leave it stand overnight.


Also, you can make in a bottle with a sprayer mixture of ½ of water and ½ of ethyl alcohol.

Spray the mixture, leave thirty seconds to take effect, and then start with scraping ice.


If the ice is stuck on the wipers, you can use alcohol to release the ice from the wipers.

We would recommend you not to use hot water to clean the ice faster because the combination of hot water and ice can have a negative effect on the windshield, and could potentially cause them to break.

The car can be turned on until you clean the ice off of it. But if you have the defrost glass option, do not turn it on immediately to the strongest because it can also lead to cracking of the glass.