DIY How to install decorative stones on the wall

Decorative stone is definitely a big hit when it comes to interior decorating. If you are thinking of adding this decoration onto one of the corners of your private space, and you do not know the procedure, here are some of the tips you can use that will help you to keep up with indoor decorative trends.

  1. 1.      Prepare the surface

The stone can patch up to all surfaces, but as usually, a good preparation of a surface that is to be glued is essential. If it is a wall that is not plastered (wall of masonry blocks or bricks) that surface  require no additional preparation, just a little water on that surface, or simply remove the dust from that wall. Plasterboard is ideal for fixing the decorative stones, because that basis does not require any additional treatment, and you can simply start applying the adhesive mass and place the stones. If the wall you are planning to put the decorative stone wall has previously been treated with colors, you will probably have to scratch that excessive material from the wall.

  1. Prepare the glue

The quantity of the glue varies heavily in accordance to the roughness and unevenness of the surface, but usually you will need substrate of 5-10 kg per square meter. Prepare the glue as listed in manufacturer’s instructions, generally pour the water into the bucket then add the powdered mixture of the adhesives. It is best to mix the glue with the help of some drills and glue mixers. If necessary, add water or glue, until the mixture is not too much nor too thick, but just right. It is the best to check its consistency with the help of a spatula.

  1. 3.      Applying glue to the wall

The adhesive should not be applied to the entire surface on which you are planning to place the decorative stone, but approximately 20 to 30 cm from the initial row. It is for reasons because the adhesive dries quickly and if kept too long, when attaching the stone, you can experience that the stone does not hold to the glue. So first fix the stone on the smaller surface and then re-apply glue and place the next stone row and so on until you reach the end.

  1. 4.      Installing the decorative stone

When applying the adhesive, start with stacking stone, simply by pressing the flat side of the stone into the adhesive, and the uneven side goes forward. You can use a rubber mallet to tap the stones to stuck nicer, but not necessarily every piece.

How to shorten the stone?                                

If a piece of the stone wall has to be regulated, it can be done in two ways

1. The grinders and the right disc for cutting stone or concrete (the best are the discs with diamond segments)

2. Sharp objects with which you can literally break the stone