DIY universal ice pack

, DIY universal ice pack

The injuries are not that rare to happen, and once you start to feel pain, the only thing you think about at that moment is how to ease the pain. In those moments you are more likely to reminisce the childhood, and think about all the “painful” memories, and the medicines your parents used to bring in order to help you. The first thing that you will think about is definitely-ice or a cold compress.

These compresses were mostly ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, or even a piece of meat taken from freezing, or bags of vegetables that your mother prepared for a lunch. If you look a little better and think about it now, all those means were improvisation that solved your current pain.

But the problem with ice coating is that you cannot fully cover the injured part of the body because the ice cubes are too hard. Make ice pack that matches the shape of the body by going into resalable plastic bag, mix alcohol and water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Place the bag in the freezer. The next time you need a cold compress, wrap the bag with soft ice crystals in the towel and wrap it around the painful parts of the body.

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