Dog walking rules

, Dog walking rules

Before taking a walk with your dog, make sure that you are ready for a walk, and then call the dog. Do not prepare yourself and dog for a walk at the same time, because it will boost his excitement, with whom he would go out, and it will be difficult to control the dog outside. Be calm and you will transfer this energy to your dog, and be sure that the entire walk will go smoothly.

During the walk you have to set clear rules that must be followed! Before the walk, owner must be ready, come in front of the exit gate, take the leash and collar, and then call the dog. Never chase the dog to put a leash on and do not put a leash on a dog that is excited. Put a leash on the dog, only when he is completely calm.

When going out, you need to leave the apartment first, and then the dog. Only in this way you make clear who the boss is. When you are walking the dog, the leash should be relaxed, and the dog should walk beside you. Never let the dog in front of you, or allow him to pull you. In this way, the dog gets the illusion that he is the boss, and that he is taking you to a walk.

During the walk, it is important to be relaxed, as you will definitely transfer that energy to your dog. For a normal, everyday walk, make sure to use the leash that goes around dog’s neck, not the one that is wrapping his entire abdomen, because the collars placed on the whole body are intended to tow a dog and do not provide you a control over it. Use a leash, in order to have complete control over the dog.

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When walking next or in front of the dog, it does not mean that you oppress the animal! The first half hour of a walk, lead the dog, and only after that you can do the other activities, whether they are running, or playing. Of course, never forget to reward your dog for a good behavior!

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