Expecting the iOS9

, Expecting the iOS9

Apple has been adding certain new functions OS in numerous versions of their devices persistently for long time. In doing so, the company started to work at the expense of the quality of iOS and the general stability of the system. Judging by the things, the next major update will bring things to the next level.

With iOS 9 companies intends to implement a wholesale purge and eliminate all eventual errors, which improvement can be seen instantly, but the main focus will be on troubleshooting, improving the genuine stability of the OS. In addition, Apple promises to increase the memory of the OS, in order to make life easier for owners of devices with 16GB.

Upgrade that is focused on this type of improvements is exactly what iFans are expecting from their favorite brand.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is running on different devices, with screen sizes that vary from 3.5 inches up to 9.7 inches. Over the years, Apple has had to adapt to the design of its iOS to fit the increasing display size and resolution, especially with the introduction of larger iPhone 6 model. However, now 9to5Mac thinks they have found the solution to ensure that future versions of iOS can be adapted to any screen without causing problems for developers or end users. Everything is conceived as a new user interface based on those seen in Apple Watch.

The replacement of square icons with rounded and removing the grid and the home screen, and replacing them with the layout application in the style of Apple Watch, Apple would offer a similar interface to all devices. Such an interface would help to better resolve the matter with the larger iPhone when it comes to working with one hand, because it simply can zoom and rotate the screen elements in order to reach easily the desired application. Functionality folder would also be retained, and the application icons to be round.

However, there are some uncertainties as regards to the way in which Apple will solve these problems. It is possible that the company will simply limit the list of devices that will support iOS 9, knocking out iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Additionally, the logical step would be the cancellation of support for devices without 64-bit processors, such are iPhone 5c, iPad mini and iPod touch of 5th generation. Without all of these devices, the company will have a portfolio of current processors A7, A8 and A9 – all on 64-bit structure.

We expect the unveiling at WWDC 2015 in June, followed by a full launch alongside the iPhone 6c/iPhone 6s/iPhone 7 in September

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