Facebook “lite” app for emerging markets

, Facebook “lite” app for emerging markets

Without any major announcement, Facebook has introduced a new version of the application that is intended for cheaper and older Android models and 2G networks.

Due to a large increase in sales of smartphones in developing countries where mobile devices are often just the first and primary platform for the access to the Internet to millions of users, where most people use somewhat older or weaker versions of Android, and Internet connections are often slow, it is obvious why Zuckerberg is forcing Facebook ‘lite’ version of his application.

The application weights only 252 KB and thanks to that characteristic, it can quickly be installed and loaded. Facebook Lite is designed to work in 2GB networks; the app itself does not spend a lot of traffic, and provides access to the most basic features of the social network, such as the publication of new status or photos. The application has a “basic” features like are showing the profile picture, the homepage, photos, videos. The app also has the option of displaying your friends’ profiles, people that you can add for friends and so on. The application has integrated the Facebook Messenger for correspondence with friends. The app is extremely cost effective and includes Messenger, which implies that there is no separate application for chatting with your friends while using this app.

Facebook Lite was initially available only in certain markets so that it was available for downloading by users in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Sudan and some Asian and African countries.

On this way, Facebook could become more accessible to millions of new users so that in the future we can expect the growth in the number of users of the currently most popular social network in the world, as well as the increase in the number of people with network access from their mobile devices to this social network.

The first impressions of the Facebook Lite app users are excellent, as evidenced, with  the average score of even 4.6 on Google Play online store applications and we soon can expect an increase of the availability of this version of Facebook on the other markets as well.

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