Get rid of the hiccups with these 8 tricks

, Get rid of the hiccups with these 8 tricks

Hiccups often occur as a reaction to the fast eating and swallowing air, cold drinks or hot food. Stress and excitement are common causes of hiccups, and it manifests in ways that spasms of the diaphragm expands the lungs with a sudden jolt, and part of the trachea in which the vocal folds are rapidly closing.

An interruption in the air at the end leads to those awful sounds that accompany hiccups. In general, it is a phenomenon that is not dangerous to health, but causes severe discomfort

  1. 1.       Sweet and Sour

One tablespoon of honey or sugar could overwhelm mouth with a sweet taste and calm irritated nerves. If a sweet variation does not work, try something acidic like lemon.

  1. 2.      The retention of breath

Perhaps the most common advice to stop hiccups is to retain your breath. If you plug your nose and close your mouth as long as you can hold your breath, your body will desperately want to get rid of the buildup carbon dioxide in the blood, which can stop the hiccups. Of course, stop when you feel dizzy.

  1. 3.      Fingers in the ears

Stick your fingers in your ears or press the soft spots behind the ears. The pressure in this area will signal your diaphragm it’s time to relax, which will stop the hiccups. Hold pressure for about half a minute, it should be enough.

  1. 4.      Tongue out 

When you want to really stick out your tongue, you must open the throat maximum, which will facilitate breathing. And this is one of the proven recipe for stopping contractions of the diaphragm, which causes hiccups.

  1. 5.      Breathing into a paper bag

Breathing in the bag will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the body and since the body interprets this as choking, you automatically begin to breathe deeply. Such deep breaths can stop the spasms of the diaphragm and solve your trouble.

  1. 6.      Cold shower

A cold shower is often used as a remedy for a variety of things, but the main story is that shock effect to your body. The shock will change your way of breathing and stop the hiccups.

  1. 7.      Water

When you drink a whole glass bottoms up, the process of swallowing can stop the hiccups, and this is one of the most popular recipes.

  1. 8.      Tickling upper part of mouth

Take a cotton swab (preferably the clean one) and tickle at the top vault of the oral cavity, and that the soft part. Sometimes you will get the urge to vomit, and how this reflex presses the diaphragm, you will probably stop the hiccups.

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