How not to be a spammer while sending mass emails

, How not to be a spammer while sending mass emails

For each e-mail marketing campaign, the advertiser must have the permission of the recipient to sent any promotional messages. This permission is usually collected just by using certain services or access data in the performance of a service. To increase the number of its recipients, and while remaining with the right side of the law, it is necessary to apply certain knowledge.

When collecting email addresses, it is best to start with an increase in the number of access points such is the insertion of data. You’ll be surprised to realize that the majority of users are willing to enter your address and click on the clip while “I agree”. Start from newsletters and promotional e-mails – add to them a link to the application, so that in case of forwarding messages, new users could easily sign up. In addition to the expected places, “About Us” and “contacts” on the web, all the surveys and other contact forms also make a good tool for collecting consent for inclusion in the list.

With electronic “places”, the user can be notified about the campaign or newsletter and through promotional materials, and if there is space and through the product packaging. Enrollment, accounts, conferences, paper surveys, all of these are additional opportunities for accessing new customers.

Take your web site to promote your newsletter, advertise it on the site, and enable access to its content. Keep track of your readers; analyze their feedback and what is that they want. There’s general advice, because every list of recipients is unique. Some applications for sending mass e-mail messages allow tracking of each individual recipient.

If you see the need, additionally expand the base of potential users, and consider the use of other people’s lists. This can be achieved by buying or renting lists of recipients. Besides an opportunity to team up with other advertisers (stakeholders) in order to make them work with you and send your campaign to its customers for any financial compensation or for a similar favor. Sponsorship and participation in the organization of events / events is another way for someone else to send your message to your recipients.

When using other resources you need to make sure that the list of email addresses is  collected legally, otherwise you will become a spammer.

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