How shop smartly in the supermarket

You probably did not know that the shelves in a supermarket are strategically placed so that they lead you to buy more items than you have to and therefore spend more money that you had initially planned to.  Here are some advices on how you can shop wisely, and avoid falling into “traps” of unnecessary spending of money.

Mind your shopping lists

Before purchasing, make a shopping list and stick to that list. If you cannot “control” when you enter the supermarket, take only as much money as you need for the foods on the list.

Scroll through the edges of the supermarket

Scroll through the edges of the supermarket, to avoid “traps” the middle rows with rows of expensive and processed foods.

Compare prices before you insert the item in the basket

Make sure to “note” the items that are placed high or at the bottom shelf. These are mainly the products that are cheaper and sometimes even healthier.

Carefully with the children

Because of expensive advertising campaigns for children’s sweets and snacks, and a strategic location where they are placed on the shelves, in order to attract children, you should be especially careful with children while shopping. If you are dealing with smaller children, you can carry them in your arms or set them to sit in a wheelchair. Avoid having them go through the middle ranks, where sweets and snacks set.

The biggest challenge for parents must have a cash register, where there are (very low) placed candies, snacks and candy bars. If you place your child inside of the shopping wheels and keep their attention somewhere else while approaching the cashier, the chances are you are going to avoid spending money on those items.

Talk to your children and make their shopping more fun

When you have children in the supermarket, try to have fun at the department for healthy foods. Let her choose a little fruit and vegetables for your meal, ask them what color they are, let injecting vegetables in a bag weighing, ask them what is the name of the fruit, let alone bring bread to the checkout (if it is not difficult for them) …

If you hold their attention to healthy and fresh food, it is very likely to see less on the shelves of junk food to children, and would love more fruits and vegetables.