How to be successful in bargaining

, How to be successful in bargaining

There is hardly a person that would not like to get the items that they like at somewhat lower price. In some, mainly eastern cultures bargaining is mandatory and you might be considered to be rude if you do not bargaining. Even in the pages of travel agencies in specified destinations there is short instructions on how and where to bargain. If you still have not learned the basis of bargaining, here are some tips on how to become successful bargainer:

  • Know your maximum acceptable price. To make it more realistic obtain multiple bids. Then, choose the price range – your ideal price and the price that you would be more able to agree on.
  • Be prepared for a variety of psychological games. Persuasion, quoting fictitious example, lying on the issue of price competition, derision, aggression, shouting, shaking hands, dramatically turning back and going, and return with a new offer.
  • Be prepared for anything and watch “opponents” in the eyes. Distractions will be interpreted as uncertainty.
  • When elaborating, do take in consideration time and delivery services, transport, assembly, and similar costs.
  • When you start the negotiations, always be the one to first offer the price. Do not wait that the provider makes its first move.
  • Do not worry about offending the seller significantly lower price than the one he requested. He is aware that any potential buyer will try to do the same thing. His reaction is likely to be exaggerated.
  • Evaluate the balance of power, or the ratio on how much you really interest in the product and the vendors eager to sell that same product.
  • The perfect compromise most often happens in the case when it comes to your own familiar service provider / dealer. For example, if it comes to your auto mechanic, you probably will not haggle so that it is completely dissatisfied, because you will still use his services in the future.
  • Do not show the emotions. If the seller gets the impression that you are extremely interested in the product, you’re done with lowering prices.
  • Finally, ask directly “is that your final price” or “this is the best that we can offer”.

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