How to beat insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder. It “victims” are often lifted complain of two problems: either they can not fall asleep at all, or they manage to fall asleep but often it and can not again be put to sleep for hours so roll on the bed. Insomnia leads to a great physical and mental fatigue and reduced concentration. If it lasts a long time it can become chronic and lead to permanent loss of sleep, and it still can endanger the brain, heart and lungs. The consequences of poor sleep also include: speeding up the aging process, irritability, nervousness, exhaustion, depression, desire for calorie foods, increased sensitivity to pain. If you do not sleep at night, turning over in bed and you are desperate because of this, we have good news for you because for your “ailment” there is a drug.

Plants have a positive impact on sleep. The cure for insomnia does not have to look at the pharmacy among the tranquilizers that will bring only dependence. Instead, visit the herbal pharmacy and supplies with the following plants:

–       Valerian – half an hour before bedtime take a few drops of valerian taken up in a glass of water or a sugar cube. You can cook and tea from this plant and there are capsule-based valerian root. This plant proved soothing.

–       Lavender – a few drops of lavender essential oil put in a container with hot water you will need to keep close to the bed, and in winter you can put on the same electrical and scented water will evaporate and create a pleasant fragrance throughout the room. Lavender oil you can poured in a pillowcase.

–       Jasmine plant – a few drops of oil of jasmine put on your wrists and you will fall asleep easier. This is also a plant which is considered soothing properties.

–       Make a tea mixture for insomnia: 50 gr. of valerian, 10 g. of lemon balm, 10 gr. of mugwort, 10 gr. woodruff, 10 g. thyme. 3 tablespoons of this mixture pour 4 dl of boiling water, let stand 2 hours, strain and tea sweetened with honey drink in the morning and the evening one cup. If this sounds too complicated, ask the herbal pharmacy – they have a great selection of ready mix for insomnia.

With nutrition against insomnia – There are many foods that have beneficial effects on sleep, and among them are:

–       Bananas – are rich in magnesium and is known for making relaxes muscles.

–       Boiled potatoes – easy to digest, so in the evening will not overload your stomach.

–       Kiwi – recently it was discovered that the kiwi, as well as other foods rich in antioxidants have much to do in the fight against insomnia. Kiwi fruit contains a large amount of serotonin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. But be careful with kiwi. Eat it for at least three hours before bedtime. Pineapple can also help with this problem.

–       Apple – nutritionists recommend that every night before bed eat an apple because besides being great for sleep, they are healthy for your teeth.

–       Oat flakes – they are rich in melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. Pour them with milk, add a little honey and you will get a delicious dinner, which will be an introduction to the beautiful and peaceful sleep.

–       During the day in the diet include cheese, egg whites, chicken, whole grains, rice, legumes (beans, peas), fish, pasta and dried fruit.

Foods to Avoid. We do not say that this food avoid at all in the diet, just pay attention to the foods you eat during the day, and omit them when preparing dinner.

–       In the evening, above all, avoid drinks which contain caffeine. It’s not just coffee, but also chocolate (as dark as possible, it awakens more), cocoa, energy drinks, cola, nuts, Indian, Russian, and Chinese green tea.

–       Salty foods and snacks such as potato chips, popcorn, salted sticks contain large amounts of salt that binds water and activates the nervous system and disrupts sleep.

–       From spices for dinner save the oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, groundnuts.

In addition to the diet for good sleep is necessary and “sleep hygiene”. This means that every day should be physically and mentally active. Walk during the day, or you get tired of a sport or any activity. Jobs around the gardens and flowers will provide you to be on the air, and at the same time and relax. Try that every night you go to bed at about the same time. You create a routine and body will after some time only to recognize when it’s bedtime.

After 8 pm do not talk about difficult topics, do not read the news, turn off the Internet and television. If you decide to spend the evening in front of the TV screen, select one comedy, avoid actions and thrillers, reality shows. Emissions of animals are like to introduce you to a peaceful sleep, because looking at the animals we relax, and voice of the narrator sounds like a lullaby.

If you like to read, do it before going to sleep. Choose an easy, relaxing literature and enjoy. Dream will come. Well ventilate the room where you sleep. Preferably, the temperature in the bedroom might be slightly lower compared to other rooms in the house. Cut out the clock from the bedroom. He will just remind you of how much time has passed since you went to bed and have not fallen asleep, and so will intensify nervousness due to insomnia.