How to choose the right powder

, How to choose the right powder

Powder is applied in order to cover small imperfections on the face, but the powder also serves to protect the facial from external influences. The powder is one of the cosmetic preparations which quality is always a must and we choose it according to the face complexion and skin type.
We bring small tips that can help you choose the ideal powder and make skin beautiful and flawless.

Choose powder that is suitable for your tan

While choosing the matching powder, make sure you do it by the daylight, so you are absolutely sure that the powder color perfectly matches the shade of your tan. Undertone of the skin is also important factor for choosing the right color of your powder. If you have warm undertones, look for loose yellowish tones, while those with cool undertones will want to choose a powder which is dominated by pink tones. In order to discover which group you belong to, the easiest way to find out is to look at the color of eyes and hair. For those who have a warmer color tan or yellow undertone, tend to have a darker color of eyes and hair, and vice versa.

Choose powder that is suitable for your skin type

Big role in achieving natural look has finish. Finish is the finishing touch that leaves powder on the skin. There are three versions of finish: semi-gloss or satin, matte and glossy. Most of the liquid powders are semi-gloss and suit for the most skin types. This semi-gloss finish is the most natural of all, and if the packaging of the powder does not imply the terms like “matte” or “aluminizing”, you can be positive that it is the semi-gloss.

If you have oily skin, your ideal option for powder would be matte because that type of powder absorbs the excess oil from the face. If you have dry or mature skin, satin finish for you will be the ideal choice. If your face is missing a bit of shine, select the powder with shiny (or luminous glow) finish. Such liquid powders are enriched with tiny particles that reflect light and visually reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The persons with oily skin type should avoid these powders.

Types of powder

Mineral powder is very popular due to the fact that it is very light and does not clog the facial pores, but does excellent cover all eventual imperfections that need to be hidden. Due to the mineral components, this type of powder fits all facial skin types. This powder comes with a brush and it is applied from the middle of the face towards the ends of the face with a semi-circular motions.

Liquid powder is the most popular and most common type of powder, due its simplicity of applying and the price. The powder is made for all skin types, gives the natural look and is easy to apply. The most important thing is to choose the right tone for your skin.

Compact powder serves best as permanent finish. Apply it with a powder brush or a sponge. Once you have applied the powder with a brush, clean the brush of the excessive powder and go over the face once again with the bush, in order to even the powder.

Tinted moisturizer is the ideal solution if you don’t have much time for makeup and you have a clear complexion and all it takes is just a little color for the shine. Apply with fingers or a brush for liquid foundation.

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