How to clean the cloth of wax

, How to clean the cloth of wax

We know how much wax can spoil the evening if it gets to the clothing, and therefore we bring you ways that you painlessly solve these problems.

Candle wax is preferably removed from the clothing so that the piece of cloth put in the freezer and then easily break off the frozen pieces of wax.

Another possibility is that the clothing stained by candle, lay between two pure leaf blotting or two pieces of terry and melt the wax by warm iron, shifting pushing paper in a circle to soak up all of the wax, but make sure you do not stamp a still deeper into the clothing. Repeat the process several times until all the wax link to the paper.

Remove residue of wax by solvent for dry cleaning, while you methyl alcohol (diluted with an equal amount of water) can be used to get rid of the remains of candles on the cloth. Finally wash your clothes in hot water.