How to combine colors in painting

, How to combine colors in painting

Read how certain colors affect your area. With the psychology of colors, dimensions of the room also play an important role. Small defects, such as eg. Low or high ceiling can be removed by choosing the correct color tone.

Caution! Placing too much paint on the walls is the common rookie mistake.
If this occurs you will need to invest hours of work to bring the wall to its original state, rub you fight again smoothened walls and all that because you did not initially been careful enough. When moving everything you mess up a good cover with first hand paint repair with the other hand, more than two hands will bring you into a situation you want to avoid. The color of the walls and ceiling, first apply the horizontal direction, then diagonally and vertically at the end of the flat folding. In this way, the color will be evenly distributed.

How to achieve better visualization of color selection

High ceilings – High ceilings are nice, but sometimes disturb the harmony of the room. With high ceilings are brighter walls, darker ceiling better solution because it reduces the room optically. But be careful, do not choose too dark tones of the ceiling to prevent the room do not seem too depressing.

Low ceilings – A small room with a low ceiling? Not ideal, but it is not a hopeless case. Solution to the problem is an overcoat surface of the walls and ceiling with light color, because if walls and ceiling with light color voidable rooms look larger and higher. The room will really impress college, if the color tone of the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. Or even better way is to direct the upper part of the wall in the color of the ceiling.

Long and narrow rooms – Long narrow rooms are anything but not well dimensioned, but this is easily solved if the frontal wall paints a dark, strong color. Thus the room will lose depth. Warm color intensifies impression. Wall painted with dark, strong color is so even more prominent and is eye-catching.

Small rooms – The new color though you can not really increase the room, but at least she can visually look bigger. Use bright, cool colors (the best is naturally white color). The room looks optically increased by 10%. If you are white boring, you can opt for the blue and blue-gray and blue-violet tones. These tones should increase the room, and the refresh will is if you have ever had a “boring” white.

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