How to cope with Spring allergies

The long-awaited spring has come, the sun is shining, the trees turn green, pleasant temperatures, the days are perfect for walking and enjoying. Everyone would say “spring – a perfect time of the year”, but people who suffer from spring allergies would disagree with this sentence. They are every year at this time faced with the unpleasant phenomena like sneezing, itching of the skin, eyes and nose, watery eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Unfortunately this can not be avoided because the pollen due to flowering is always present in the air, but there are ways to fight with spring allergies and to do that this time is more comfortable for you. To effectively combat allergies, we first have to find out what’s going on in our body when we are confronted with allergens and who is “responsible” for it.

The biggest culprit for spring allergy is pollen. The tiny particles of pollen in the air is released from trees, plants, grasses and weeds in order to pollinate other plants. When pollen grains get into the nose of someone who is allergic to it cause overreaction of the immune system and this phenomenon is known under the term allergy. The immune system of allergic individuals pollen mistakenly identified as a foreign body that attack the body, so it accordingly and behaves: produce antibodies – substances that recognize and attack viruses, bacteria and other disease agents. The antibodies attack the allergen and that when the blood is released chemical called histamine. Further, the histamines cause runny nose, sneezing, itching and other symptoms of allergies. With these symptoms, you can fight in two ways: by going to the doctor or natural resources and adherence of some general guidelines for the fight against allergies.


When you contact a doctor for help with the treatment of allergies you can get some of these drugs:

–          Antihistamines – such as their name suggests, these drugs reduce the amount of histamine in the body, and thus reduces the sneezing, runny nose and itching

–          Decongestants – they relieve constipation and swelling of the nose and clean nose of mucus

–          Cromolyn sodium – a nasal spray stops the release of histamine before this cause allergy symptoms, so it can prevent hay fever

–          Decongestants in the form of a nasal spray – they are good in the purification of the nasal passages and relieve nasal congestion and act faster than oral decongestants

–          Eye drops – they can alleviate the itching, burning and watery eyes

Plants in the service of the fight against allergies

If you decide to fight against allergies naturally, provide the following plants:

–          Nettle is a plant that is used as a base for making homeopathic remedies for allergies. So, alone nettle is an allergen. Freeze it, grind, pour honey just to the cover and put in a jar. Take one tablespoon per day.

–          Elderberry – against allergy symptoms you can also use the elderberry, its black fruits. Since it cannot eat fresh, prepare them in the form of juice, compote or jam.

–          Inhalation – inhale yourself by the hot tea of chamomile and yarrow

–          Ginseng – tea from this herb also helps in combating the symptoms of allergies

General tips to fight against allergy symptoms:

–          Avoid going out when the pollen count is highest. It is in the morning and at windy weather

–          Get air purifier and regularly clean its filters

–          Also regularly clean the filters in your air conditioning

–          Do not ventilate the room early in the morning

–          Regularly clean the windows, shelves, fans and all the possible places where it picks up pollen

–          After you return from the city immediately change up and shake the dresses