How to do paper mache technique

Paper mache is a very simple crafting technique that may come in handy for those who want low cost and simple items. This technique is literally the simplest to use, and if you do like recycling, it is a technique made for you. This technique is made from scrap paper and a paste.

To make a low cost paper mache paste, you will need:

  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 2 1/2 cups of water
  • 1 pinch of salt

Making the paste is very simple:
Step1: Unite all the ingredients into one solution. Stir it well, and pour it in a pan.
Step2: Let the mixture boil for some 3 minutes, occasionally stirring it. The mixture will probably become a bit translucent, and that is a sign that you are doing it well.

Step 3: Once the paste has cooled, you can start with paper mache.
Simply all you need to do is cut down the stripes of old books, old newspapers or any old scrap.
How to make a paper mache bowl
Now that you have prepared all you need, you can start with projects. Bear in mind that the project is a bit messy. Once you have prepared all you need for this technique, prepare a bowl that you want to “copy”. Let us start!

Step 1: Take the paper stripes dip them in the paste. Pull out thepaper and push the excess paste off using your fingers.
Step 2: Put the wet paper strips on the mold, or this case, a bowl you have prepared.
Step 3: Once you have covered the entire bowl with paper, let the paste dry. Once it is dry you can repeat the process once or 2 times.
When the paper mache is dry, carefully remove it from the bowl, so you don’t tear up the paper.