How to do smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are a trend that never dies and that can instantly transform your look, accentuate the eyes, but also change their shape. It is a classic, yet modern technique that fits for almost every occasion. That is probably the reason it is most famous make-up applying technique. Here are some simple tips on how to properly do the smokey eyes technique.

1.     Prime color

In order to secure that the eye shadows stay consistent on the eyelids throughout the day, make sure to apply a prime color first. As a prime color you can even use a pressed powder- simply apply it heavily on the eyelid and at the area just under the eye and wait for a few minutes.

2.     Crayon

Crayon is very important for this technique. Most commonly used colors are black, brown or even gray, but you can choose the crayon that fits you, whether purple, green, or any other color. Apply the crayon so that is a bit thicker in the middle of the eyelid, but if you do have somewhat smaller eyes, make sure to emphasize them on the edges of the eyes, and create the illusion of bigger eyes.

3.     Eye shadow

Apply the lighter color of the eye shadow on the beginning and the inner part of your eyelid, and the darker color should be placed over the crayon and on the bending part of the eyelid. Smear the dark eye shadow color over the crayon on the outer edge of the eye in a manner that the crayon and the eye shadow appear to be one unit.

4.     Mascara

Now that you have finished by applying the eye shadow, the final touch that makes it more glamorous and official is the mascara. Apply the mascara in several layers to make your lashes appear to be thicker and longer. At this point, you can also apply false lashes or use the eyelash curler to help you achieve that wow factor.

5.     Lips

The saying “less is more” definitely does apply in this case. Once you have completed your smokey eyes, that heavily emphasize your eyes, aggressive colors on your lips will only make your appearance ridiculous and you will definitely achieve the contra effect of what you have planned to achieve. So, while having smokey eyes, make sure to apply some light color on your lips to accomplish that elegant and chic effect you want to achieve.