How to escape spam mails

Spam emails are those unwanted mails that arrive in our e-mail boxes. They usually represents a “fantastic” product, or offer that will “change your life”, and often swears that you have once visited certain site and sign up to receive their news. Spam mails, except the fact that they are very irritating, with careless mail address owner can seriously fill in a mailbox and even prevent retrieve all messages if you have a slow internet connection.

Anyone who is actively using at least one email address, inevitably, sooner or later becomes a victim of spam.

However, cautious use of email and the Internet can significantly reduce the amount of spam e-mails. Here are some tips how to minimize the spam effects:

Never reply to spam message

By clicking on an “unsubscribe” link, you actually inform the sender of spam messages that the e-mail address is actively uses and you originator usually will unsubscribe from your list, but would it be a sign that you are an active user of e-mail addresses and sends a signal to another advertising messages.

Be careful to whom you give e-mail address

For ordinary internet users, when applying to a particular site, it is understood that there is a policy on privacy and the site owner will not share your address with others. However, this is often not the case. Many forms on the internet are there just to get to your e-mail address and subsequently abused for their Marketing. Fantastic deals that pop up after the application and giving your e-mail addresses can be just a marketing gimmick, so be cautions when it comes to this kind of spams.

Carefully choose the provider

When choosing a provider with whom you wish to open the e-mail address, select the “serious“one, which has adequate protection on their servers, thus protecting your e-mail from spam mails. Inquire about experiences with spam with other people that are users of your potential e-mail providers.

Define the rules

If you use an email client program, such as MS Outlook,mess around with the “Message Rules” option. Define rules and create special folders for different senders. You can sort messages by any particular sender, or you can simply make a policy that all messages from unknown sender arrive in a folder which will be called “spam”. Be careful not to overdo it with the prohibitions that you would not have happened that do not receive a message that can be important.

Fool the robot

If you have your web site with your contact mail on it, change your email address, so that robots cannot recognize it. For example, instead type me (at) mypersonalmail (dot) com.