How to get out of the jammed elevator

, How to get out of the jammed elevator

The greatest danger when the elevator breaks down is that the stuck people in the elevator start to panic. Modern elevators are very safe – so stay calm and encourage others saying that elevator will not uncontrolled collapse of the elevator shaft. That will not happen because there are automatic brakes, usually placed under the floor of the elevator, which is hooked onto the steel rails that descend down the side of the elevator shaft. The brakes work even when there is no electricity.

1. To call for help, press the button for the alarm or use the phone for emergencies. If the elevator do not have system for alarm, bump fists or any heavy object on the elevator door and yell. As soon as you make contact with someone from the outside, ask him to call service for elevators. If servicer is not available, the rescue of the elevator can perform fire brigade: Tell the person out of the elevator to call the 911.

2. Do not attempt to get out of the jam elevator without help from outside. Even if you manage to force open the inner door elevators, it is very likely that you will not be able to reach and open the outer door on the landing. And if you try to get up and get out of the elevator, can be easy to slip on the grease and oil from the mechanism which accumulate on the outside of the elevator.

3. Do not try to wriggle through the holes makes the ceiling of the elevator. When the door of the emergency open, electrical contact prevents movement of the elevator. But if the lid is accidentally shut behind you, an elevator would suddenly be run and pull you off balance. Also in a dark box you could trip over elevator cables or slip on the grease and fall off from the elevator.

For most of the distress call, usually react quickly. But if it happens at the beginning of the weekend or late at night, maybe no one will be around who might hear your call. In such cases, remain calm and wait, even if they take hours, or days, in order to help arrived. Try to attract someone’s attention as soon as the building re-opened.

Until then, do not smoke because it will spend up air in the elevator. If either person has difficulty breathing, take clothes around neck and help her by putting cupped over her mouth and nose and breathe some way.

The main inconvenience will be heat, hunger and thirst – but you can survive until help arrives.

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