How to get rid of the warts with home remedies

Warts are quite unpleasant lumps, usually appear on the hands. They can be a consequence of virus infections, and due date it is proven that there are about 120 different types of warts. Besides showing on hands, they are more likely to appear on knees, elbows, fingers and face. To avoid or get rid of them as soon as possible, we bring you few home remedies that can come in handy when you do notice that you or someone you know has warts.


As you may come to notice by now, especially if you are a fan of homemade remedies, garlic is one of those nutrients that is most commonly used in homemade remedies. His anti-virus characteristic can be productive not only with eating garlic, but also in using the garlic externally.

Garlic is number 1 “go to” remedy when you notice warts. His simple yet highly effective anti-virus characteristic is one of the most famous for fighting wars. Simply squash a piece of garlic and apply it directly on the wart and wrap that area with bandages in order to fix the garlic to the wart. Let it sit for 24 hours. That should have removed the problem. If the wart is still there, repeat the process.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as tea tree oil or castor oil can also be very productive in fighting against warts. Just apply the tea tree essential oil directly on the war, preferably with an ear stick until the wart has disappeared. Castrol oil is most effective if rubbed in the wart wrapped with bandages. This method of essential oil is also very effective, but usually takes few weeks to come to some serious results

Aloe vera

Also one of the most common herbal medicines there is. Aloe Vera is very effective as a cream or gel against warts. All you have to do is regularly applied it to the warts until the problem is gone.

Banana peel or raw potato

Also one of highly effective, economical and productive medicine against warts is banana peel. Simply rub the internal part of a banana peel onto wart 2 or 3 times a day. The same effect can be done with rubbing a potato cut in half directly on a wart. Repeat  the procedure 2-3 times a day. Apply that until the wart is gone, that should take some 2-3 weeks.