How to improve eyesight through exercises

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, reading or watching TV, chances are that the answer shortsightedness. This means that you cannot focus on objects in the distance. The reason for this is that our eyes are most of the day focused on objects in our immediate vicinity. Staring at the screens certainly does not help.

If you think you’d eyesight deteriorate or already wear glasses, try some of the exercises in this article that will help you to naturally improve yourself vision.

All these exercises should be carried out without glasses and lenses.

Exercise 1: Reduce eye strain

Make an effort to observe objects in the distance every 30 – 60 minutes at least 15 seconds or more. Focusing on the objects across the room or watching through the window is great for this kind of exercise. This exercise will help to improve the focus on distant objects so that the eye is not focused only on the objects around you.

Exercise 2: Remote focus

This exercise is similar to the first, but involves placing the index finger in front of the faces on the distance of the hand. Simply look at the tip of your finger a few seconds one eye (holding other closed), then immediately look away at something in the distance. As a further object, the better. Repeat this exercise for each eye 15-30 times.

When you finish with this exercise, you will feel more openly about the focus shifts from the fingertip to the remote object, and therefore this is an excellent exercise for correcting focus the eyes.

Exercise 3: Nod your head

This exercise consists of nodding up and down. Lift up your head while you look not to be fixed on the ceiling and hang it until you’re looking at your feet. Repeat as many times you want.

This exercise strengthens your neck, improves the circulation of blood to the head and your eyes.