How to iron a shirt

, How to iron a shirt

You probably all know how to iron a shirt, but many of you do this perhaps once a month purely because you rarely wear shirts, but only for some special occasions.

Regardless of whether your own an iron with steam or not, it is a good idea spray the shirt with water before ironing it. Simply put some plain tap water in a bottle sprayer, and spray the shirt.

Be careful not to overdo it only with the amount of water – shirt should not be soaked but slightly wet. Leave it on the side for a few minutes.

Set the ironing board at a height that suits you best, and set the iron on the maximum for shirts. If you are ironing some other garment, set the iron heat as suggested by the manual.

Start the ironing from the sleeve that will be set so that you go with iron from one seam to other.  Be patient and meticulous, especially in the area around the cuff where you will slowly iron with the tip of the iron.

Next you need ironing is the back, and the front of the shirt and collar you will iron last, but the order is not mandatory. Iron the shirts in the order which is easiest for you.

Collar that is not rigid so you can iron it by folding it in half and put together one end of the other, so that you iron entire collar with one stroke.

The Teflon cover is indeed a handy item that could ease your ironing, but if you do not have one, simply use aluminum foil and place beneath the ironing board cover. In this way the iron heat returns to the fabric that you iron.

Starching the shirts is no longer “a must”, but if you so prefer buy starch spray because it is most practical to use.

It is a better option not to hang Ironed shirts metal hangers because they can warp, even tear up the fabric. Also, do not immediately put a shirt in the closet, but leave it in the air to allow it to cool.

, How to iron a shirt
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, How to iron a shirt
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