How to make fried bananas

, How to make fried bananas

The crispy “coat” of bread crumbs, to the accompaniment of sweet cream, chocolate amaretto cream and cream of honey, fried bananas look perfect. The sauce of green tea is an original “detail” in this very high nutritional value.

Required for 4 people:

–       4 bananas

–       2 eggs,

–       30 ml of oil

–       200 g breadcrumbs

–       Cinnamon

–       Scoop of green tea powder

–       6 teaspoon of brown sugar

–       60 g of cream

Cut bananas into rings and roll them in bread crumbs, then in beaten eggs and cinnamon, and again in bread crumbs to form panada.

Rings fry in hot oil until it forms a golden-yellow rind.

Make a dressing of green tea in bowl pour green tea and sugar, gradually add 6 teaspoon of boiling water and mix well, then add the whipped cream.

Fried bananas serve with whipped cream, chocolate amaretto cream, honey sauce of green tea.

Energy value of one serving is 735 calories.

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