How to make hangers for clothes

, How to make hangers for clothes

 Hangers or interior construction are holders of clothing, which prevent creasing in cupboards. However, the shape and quality of the hangers will depend on the appearance of deferred clothing.

Make a skeleton for hanger:

The basis of hangers is usually forms a triangle or curved lintel with a rounded hook on which will hang in the closet. For the model to take the old rack, and by its form to make a skeleton. The wire should be about 1-2 mm thick, relatively easy to bend. Standard hangers have a length of about 40-45 cm, but may be increased when needed. Take the wire and with the help of pliers bend it until you get the desired shape. In order to achieve stability of basis, can be put double wire construction.

Incase with sponge:

On the basis of hangers need to stick to sponge hanger and keep their shape. Sponge thickness of about 1 cm cut to the shape and length of the warp wires. It requires two identical sponge, whereby one comes to the front, and the other to the rear of wire hangers basis. On a hook on which to hang hanger not put a sponge, but only the lower triangular part.

Select fabric:

The choice of fabric is arbitrary. This can be a plain cotton fabric, silk or lace, depending on the needs and aesthetic requirements. They can be used and the finished strips, which are available in various designs and shapes.

Incase hanger:

The fabric is cut out in the form of wider straps, preferably about 3 inches wide and wound onto a sponge coated hanger, from the middle of hangers ie. From the area in which branches off the hook. Start the tape glue stick to the sponge. Hold the fingers of one hand the start of the run and second hand cloth spiral curl around the base coat hangers. Finally, with the help of glue, attach the end of the tape, underlining under the wound layers.

At the point where it starts winding lanes, basically hooks, to fairer looks can tie a decorative ribbon in the form of ribbons or start hooks wrap the same fabric as the rest hangers. This will be not only to hide any irregularities, but also prevent the start of the tape unrolled.

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