How to make patchwork quilt

Patchwork is very interesting yet very easy technique especially for those who have extra fabric. Bear in mind that more of different patterns and patches make more interesting patchwork, whether it is patchwork skirt, quilt, pillowcase…

For patch working a quilt, you will need:

• Fabric of different patterns
• Fabric for the base of the quilt
• the filling that goes inside the quilt
• Rotary knife
• Ruler
• cutting mat
• Sharp scissors
• safety pins
• A needle and thread (or a sewing machine)

Step 1:
Take the fabric and cut it into squares of the size you need, depending on the purpose of the patchwork. Use smaller square size for smaller projects, and bigger for bigger projects. Just make sure that the squares of the projects are about the same size.

Step 2:
Prior to starting the sewing, I advise you to wash and iron the fabric. Place the fabric in front of you and, a nice advice is that you cut the piece of the paper that can serve as a template for cutting the squares. Bear in mind to add extra space on the sides for the sewing, around 6 mm on each side of the square.

Step 3:
Once you have prepared the fabric, put it on the floor and adjust the squares to form the best patchwork project. Now start sewing. Take the patch squares and put them together in a way that they both are faced with pattern upwards. Remember that the part of where you are sewing the squares together is the 6 mm part that you have left extra for sewing.

Step 4:
The best way to unite the patchwork is in creating blocks. Sew together more smaller units consisting of minimum 4 squares. Once you have created all the blocks, sew them together.

Step 5:
Take the fabric that is going to be the base of your quilt and spread it. It is the time to prepare the sewing of the patchwork. Optionally, but ideally would be to put some filling between the base and the patchwork. Sew the base to the patchwork on 3 sides, and fill it with filling you have chosen. Bear in mind that you will eventually have to wash the quilt, so make sure the filling is highly porous.

Step 6:
Pick a thread that goes with the design of the patchwork quilt. Place the filling so that is of equal thickness on each part. Now start sewing from the centre of the quilt to outwards. If you are a beginner, sew the patchwork following the square patterns.

Step 7:
To make the quilt look neater, make a binding border that is to be attached at the ends. Cut the stripes of the fabric, 1 for each end. The stripes can be around 12 cm wide and as long as the quilt is, plus adding some 30 mm extra.

Step 8:
Place the strips so that the half of it, or 6 mm goes on the top, and the half of it goes to the bottom. Secure the stripes, so they do not move while you sew them. Repeat the same process on the rest sides. And, that is it.