How to make tutu skirts

Little girls often tend to admire ballerinas. Well, why not make them feel like ballerinas with adorable and simple to make tutu skirts.

All you really need is:
• Tulle tracks of the colors you choose your skirt to be (ideally, tulle on spools)
• ribbon
• measuring tape
• thread, needle and scissors

Once you have prepared all necessary supplies, the fun can begin.
Step 1:
Use the measuring tape to measure your ballerinas waist. Once you have measured her waist, apply the measurements on the ribbon that is to be placed around her waist. Make sure to cut some extra ribbon to make a perfect little bow that will add so much glamour into that skirt.


Step 2:
Measure the length of the tutu and cut the tulle tracks to the size you want the tutu skirt to be. Ideally, you can place the tulle height to be just a bit under her knees. Bear in mind that the length of the tulle strips should be doubled considering that the stripes are knitted around the ribbon so that the middle of the tulle strips is placed around the ribbon, and the beginning and the end of tulle are actually presenting that fluffy part of tutu bottom.


Step 3:
Now let the fun begin. Place the ribbon around your legs to make the knitting easier. Gather your strips together, fold in half and slip the folded part underneath the ribbon. Take the both end and beginning sides of the tulle and brings them up through the loop and pull tight. Repeat the procedure until you get to the end of the ribbon.

Advice: To make your tutu looked more luxurious, place the stripes as near to each other as possible. Additional trick is to take 2 or more stripes and join them together, so you will achieve richer and wider tutu.

Step 4:
Join the two ends of the ribbon and tie a perfect little bow.
And there you have it. No-sew tutu, simple to make and adorable to watch your princes spin in.