How to make vitamin salad

Vitamin salad is healthy and easy side dish with every meal, and easy to prepare. It is also a vegetarian dish. The secret is in the freshest ingredients. It is rich in nutrients, especially vitamins and fiber.


–       ¼ head of green cabbage

–       ¼ head of purple cabbage

–       1 onion

–       1 large carrot

–       1 celery

–       1 beetroot

–       Olives

–       Salt and pepper

–       Olive oil

–       Wine vinegar


–       Cabbage to be grated or thinly cut

–       Onions cut into ribs

–       Grate carrots, celery and beets

–       Mix all ingredients and put in a deep pot

–       Salt and pepper, then coat them with oil and vinegar, to taste