How to open a coconut

, How to open a coconut

It’s a shame to give up coconuts only because the fact that it is somewhat hard to open it, because apart from having a tasty meat (from which we can make coconut milk or coconut oil) we can also have beneficial effect on our skin so it is not uncommon to find the coconut to be the main ingredient on the various packages body product

Therefore, next time you reach for the coconut, do not worry on how to open it, for we have prepared a tips that will maximally facilitate and give answers to all questions about opening the coconuts.

Bottle opener

The first tool that will be required to open a coconut is a simple bottle opener. In fact, if we look carefully at the coconut, we will notice that the top has three darker spots that are slightly recessed. Coconut is best to put on a dish towel as to fix it, and use the bottle opener to poke those three holes in a place of the dark stains. To drain off the coconut water, you will probably need to expand the holes take a little bit, and you can do it with the help of a screwdriver. Coconut water is not tasty as you would imagine it to be, but it hydrates the skin and provides energy, and therefore is very good to drink.

Knife (axe)

To further opening, you we need a larger kitchen knife or small ax. Place the Coconut on kitchen board as it would not be all over the kitchen and start hitting it by the side of the until the hard crust cracks. Now it is necessary to separate the bark of the coconut, and you can do it without problems. To leave us a clean white coconut flesh, mind you just strip away the brown crust that the knife.

When we get pure coconut meat, you can cut it into cubes and eat it or further processed into coconut flour which is great for desserts. We can make and coconut milk by squeezing coconut meat. Everything is a matter of our choice and desire.

I hope that the procedure no longer seems so difficult and problematic, and each time the opening will be all the easier. After a few times you will not even remember that the opening of the coconut used to be a problem.

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