How to organize a garage sale

, How to organize a garage sale

Garage sale is a perfect solution if you have garage full of items that you probably no longer need, and are a good way to get rid of those items, clear the garage, mingle with your neighbors and make some money out of it. However, for making a good garage sale it is important to take care of neighbors or landlord, and not give them a reason for complaints (due to the noise, taking up parking spaces, cluttering the passage and the like).


Planning and good organization are the most important things for the successful garage sales. It takes time to inform friends and acquaintances about organizing garage sales – at least one month in advance. You have to know that it is difficult to carry out all items, so choose someone who will help you in the organization and someone who will help you during the sale.


You must provide space for sale. Ask neighbors for understanding and support, or invite them to join your garage sale. Count on bad weather and possible delay if the sale is held outdoors. Most garage sales are better off held over the weekend.


Announce your garage sales at least one week before the sale. The best way to inform the people about your sale is via the local newspapers; hanging up advertisements on bulletin boards in your hood, put on a social networking notification of maintenance or something else that is purely a matter of choices and opportunities (requires permission of the owner to set up advertising posters in someone else’s possession). The bulletins must include the date and the time (from-to), location (exact address) and a brief description of the items that will be on sale.

Items list

If you are including more people to your sale, be sure to make a list of all the things that are on sale, so that you can simply return each unsold item to its owner. Also a useful tip would be to mark every sold item on a list to whom it has been sold and by what price. In this way, you will avoid any misunderstandings or concerns related to the sale of the pieces.


Every item that is put on sale must be clean, repaired and properly labeled. Mark the items with labels on which you can write the owner of the object, item description and price.

Grouping the items

Expose the items by groups – clothing, shoes, children’s items, jewelry and others. It is very important to properly expose the items on sale. For example, expose the books on the shelves or in the appropriate boxes, clothes on hangers and so on. It is important that the goods are clearly and neatly sorted and easy to return to the place. If you are selling electrical appliances necessary to provide an extension cable so that the buyers can check the functionality of the device.


Items prices should not exceed 30% of the price of the new item. Will it be 10%, 20% or 30%, it depends on the age and preservation of the item.

It is useful to provide the coins as to avoid eventual problem of returning the change.

Be reasonable and carefully consider each offer. If someone buys more stuff, make sure to include certain trader – offer discount or a gift.

Be good and smiling host, try to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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