How to polish the car

, How to polish the car

Your car can quickly become dirty. How to polish the car and no longer the shine that it once adorned when you bought it? To bring that nice shine back it is necessary to polish. It can be very hard and long job, which requires a lot of time and patience but in the end very much worth it. If polishing repeats at intervals of two to three months will really achieve great results that are immediately visible. Polishing is an excellent car protection from the sun and UV rays, as well as water, humidity, minor scratches, etc. Gives your car a radiant glow, concealing minor scratches and preserving color.

In the following text we will explain you how to polish the car.

  • Select tool for polishing. The first and most important thing is this. Which means you choose depends primarily on the type of paint of your car, ie whether it is a sheer color or metallic. In addition, make sure the paint is newer or older. Be sure to consult with the seller. Tell him what kind of paint is on your car and in what condition, if there are any major and minor scratches. Whether you want to choose a paste or liquid polish, be sure to ask before buying advice expert person will give you based on the type and condition of paint.
  • Just before polishing. Wash your car and leave it for a while as it takes to dry.
  • Terms for polishing. Can not recommend that you do it exposed to the sun, because it can easily happen that the wax baked on paint. Find a place in the shade and then you can start polishing.
  • Prepare everything you need. In order to do the whole process of polishing successful it is essential that you have the following: a sponge for pooling (once you get it to the agent in the purchase), wax, soft clean towel and a soft clean rag.
  • Rubbing wax. Polishing sponge slightly moisten and then dip into the wax. Be careful not to overdo it and not to apply a large amount of the sponge. Start by rubbing the wax gently in a circular motion always in the same direction in order to be uniformly applied on the paint and later evenly dried. Apply slowly and patiently piece by piece, respectively. When you’re done with one piece, at its beginning wax will already be ready for removal.
  • Removing wax. Now take one soft towel, wet it a little and wring well. Begin to remove the wax in the same way and the same circular motion as you and caused, in order to achieve a uniform effect.
  • Checking. When you remove all the wax from the paint, make a simple check if everything is in order and that he had not kept somewhere. Visit the car from all sides to determine.
  • Polishing. At the end you only remains to take a soft, clean cloth and iron out your car.

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