How to prevent foot odor

, How to prevent foot odor

The unpleasant smell of feet equally concerns both men and women. The most common cause of feet odor is caused by perspiration. The perspiration itself does not smell, but if it remains for the sufficient time on the surface of our skin, it begins to smell.

The most important factors in the fight against bad smells represent proper hygiene.

Regular hygiene and foot washing, avoid the perspiration remaining too long in contact with the body, and not giving the particles enough time to catch the skin. Otherwise, they begin to inhabit the surface and eventually cause the bad odor.

Hygiene is not always the reason for odor from your shoes. One of the reasons for excessive sweating can be found in diet.  Oily and spicy food is reflected in the sweat glands.

The culprit for the bad smell is often poor quality shoes. Materials such as synthetics, rubber or artificial leather are not recommended to wear during the hot summer days. If you wear socks of unnatural material, your feet will more quickly sweat and your legs will after a few minutes begin to stink.

How do you solve that unpleasant smell? These are the main rules that you should follow.

Good quality shoes

As we have already mentioned, the bad and cheap materials are hazardous to feet sweat glands. You will not be sorry if you spare a little more money for a good shoe. The feet will be more than grateful.

Regularly changing socks

 Yes, almost 80% of the bacteria are retained on our socks. It is recommended that you change them every day, and during the hot summer days, when sweating more than usual, feel free to replace them several times a day.

Do not wash your feet in hot water

Not only hygiene and washing of the feet is sufficient for a good smell. Hot water will release particles and glands will again excrete large amounts of sweat. In addition to the feet, regularly wash your shoes. If they are of sensitive material and washing is not recommended, leave the shoes in the fresh air to ventilate for few hours.

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