How to properly drive at the highway

, How to properly drive at the highway

The highway is the highest class of public roads intended for the safe circulation of vehicles at high speed. Given the frequent errors that lately event on highways and thus to endanger innocent lives of innocent drivers in the traffic study and remember the rules at the drawing at highways.

Highway as fast road and road intended exclusively for motor traffic, and cannot walk pedestrians, animal-drawn vehicles, bicycles and animals, nor any vehicles that can develop speed of greater than 80 km / h because the very thereby endangering themselves and other road users.

When turning on the vehicle in traffic on the highway, it is mandatory to use acceleration lane as much as possible to maximize your speed and gain certainty that people of other drivers that are currently on behind you do not compromise. Also at shutdown of traffic on the highway, you are obliged with your vehicle in a timely manner to take position on the far right lane and go as soon as possible in the slowdown with previously published proper signaling.

On the highway you must not stop or park a motor vehicle, except in areas outside the roadway that are specially decorated and labeled (yellow bar), which is only done in cases when it is really necessary.

It is strictly forbidden on the highway to make a U-turn or move the vehicle back, except in areas outside the roadway that are specially decorated (yellow bar). Proper driving highway movement extreme right traffic lane unless it is not clogged with vehicles in the column. The left bar is exclusively used for overtaking.

On the highway the driver can change lane only for faster movement and for that you only need to use the left lane, and not overtake on the right. On the highway the driver must not drive into the lane to lane (slalom run), overtake the hard shoulder, move in a way that does not hold the required distance, rushed the vehicle in front by providing light and noise signals or in any other way, or perform any other action which threatens or endangers other road users.

On the highway with three or more lanes, which usually encounter abroad, intended for traffic in one direction, drivers of freight cars with a maximum mass exceeding 3500 kg and sets of vehicles of more than 7 m, are allowed to use only two traffic bars that are located along the right edge of the roadway. If you are forced due to the malfunctioning of the vehicle, or otherwise stop the vehicle on the roadway highway you are required to stop at the bar for emergency stoppage and take the necessary measures that the vehicle as soon as possible is removed from the roadway.

On the highway you can not include a motor vehicle towing another vehicle, which is due to malfunctioning or missing parts can not just move. Exceptionally, vehicle towing is allowed if the highway is the reason for the tow originated during the movement of vehicles on the highway, but only the extreme right traffic lane to the first connector road that the towed vehicle can be excluded from the traffic on the highway.

Among other things:

–          Frequently check the speed of your movements on the speedometer

–          Observe the speed limit that with is 130 km / h

–          Keep proper distance between vehicles

–          Drive adjust weather conditions – do not forget to drive at high speed

–          Frequently check the traffic situation in your mirrors and be concentrated on driving

–          Make sure that your sign system be with variations in driving (off the highway, turn to resort overtaking …) is carried out in a timely manner.

–          Pay particular attention when connecting to the highway so as not to draw the wrong direction of travel on the highway, and if that happens, stop driving in the opposite direction because such action is equivalent to playing Russian roulette.

Dear drivers, please follow these guidelines to help us drive at our highways as safe as possible and comfortable.

, How to properly drive at the highway
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, How to properly drive at the highway
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