How to react to insect bites?

, How to react to insect bites?

Stings bees, wasps or hornets can be disturbing, but very rarely dangerous. The person will feel a sharp pain accompanied by swelling, redness of the skin and slight swelling around the bitten place. These symptoms can last between 1 to 2 hours.

However, it is important is be cautious and react promptly. Ice cubes, aloe vera gel or onion juice can serve you with this problem. Slices of raw potatoes or apples will reduce the pain as well.

Bee sting

Each bee carries a drop of poison of 0, 2-0,3mg, and leaves that potion together with the sting in the skin of its victim, and after that, the bee dies. If you are not allergic to bees and you do not necessarily need to seek the medicinal help, try some of traditional medicines. Press the sting with your thumbnail, and try to extract it from the skin, and then squeeze out the poison. Put parsley at the sting place, either rubbing it on the wound or making a lotion and applying it on the wound.

As much as it may sound absurd, bee venom has medicinal properties. Older people sometimes deliberately provoke the bees to sting them, because bee venom will “shake up” lazy organism. Experts say that the bee venom is especially good for rheumatism, lowers pressure and reduces cholesterol levels. Apparently bee venom increases the amount of hemoglobin and white blood cells, strengthens the heart muscle, acting anti-inflammatory, increases working capacity, and is good for a good sleep and appetite.

Wasps and hornets sting

In the US about twice as many people die from bee, wasp, hornet and red ants stings than from snake bites due to allergic reactions. The stings of these insects can be treated naturally.

Lemon juice, vinegar or cinnamon tea will alleviate the pain if you apply them on the bite as soon as possible.

–  Apple cider vinegar has proved to be effective in the case of wasp sting, which can be applied to the wound in the form of a cold compress.

– Press a stone at the place of insect bites, and the stone will reduce the swelling and redness and will have the same effect as ice.

Make a homemade paste to ease the pain. For bee sting or ants bites, put baking soda in a little water, mix and apply to the painful area.

Instead of baking soda, crumble two aspirin, mix them with a little water and smear the sore spot.

– Toothpaste has the extraordinary power in the treatment of insect bites. The toothpaste will help reduce the swelling and redness, and itching will stop.

– In any bites or stings every hour apply to the wound a few drops of lavender oil and tea. The scent of these oils repeals the insects, so you can apply few drops on your clothes.

Special Note: Before applying any of these tips, clean and was with soap the sting area to avoid secondary infections.

 Tick ​​bites

There are over 800 species of ticks which the world. In accordance to the specie, the tick bites can be completely harmless and at the same time, deadly. Together with the mosquitoes, ticks are the largest carriers of infectious diseases. Ticks are considered parasites, as they feed on the blood of others. Once a tick gets on your skin it takes at least 6 hours to find a good feeding. If during this period you notice a tick on your body, immediately remove it with the help of tweezers.

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