How to relax

, How to relax

We are all sad from time to time. Then it seems that life is one great injustice and that nothing goes out of hand. One good party crying can help us to feel like when it comes long after the rain. If crying does not help probably we caught us anxiety suffered by a large number of people, which is not terrible and you alone without any medication and therapy. Only with good will, we can heal. Why do we have to look at everything as gray when with a few tricks we can paint world? When we came to the yellow minutes most important thing is to relax.

Lie down in a bath of warm water

Dive into the tub and stay in it for at least half hour. Not only that you will relax all the muscles and relieve of the tension, but heat will also lower your blood pressure by causing the expansion of your blood vessels.

Put ice on your head

This is one of the fastest ways to remove the headache and ease the tension. Put the ice in a towel, and the coating on your forehead or neck root and relax.

Fill the lungs

Breathe deeply and slowly drop the air for a count of six. This helps to relax and relieve stress. But do not practice this more than five times because in the opposite you will be dizzy.

Introduce to yourself visually path to inner peace

Consider about your favorite place and then close your eyes and imagine yourself in that place, relaxed and happy. Do this twice a day for ten minutes you anywhere on the bus, on the dance floor, at work. You will be calm and free from stress.

Be creative.

When in our life there is too little stress, then that is a problem and when you are under great stress. Lack of stimulation act depressive and could lead to that you feel lonely and isolated. To avoid this. You need to dive into something new, creative which requires the use of the brain.

Go to massage

It has been proven that massage is fantastic cure for stress, especially if you are overloaded with responsibilities. It relieves tension, at the same time helps you to relax and slow down the heart rate.

Lie down on the sofa

Rest period of ten minutes to half an hour on the sofa with the TV turned off, an excellent way of regulating stress. This will help you to recharge your batteries and to fight with the external pressures in life.

Get outside

Sometimes you just need to get away from problems. Twenty minutes in the fresh air and sunlight will improve breathing and help you to relax and not only that but to regain energy.

, How to relax
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, How to relax
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