How to save money on groceries

We all want to spend less money. No matter if it comes of buying some trivial things, or buying groceries, we definitely want to buy more by spending less.

The concept of “smart shopping“implies making a list of necessary groceries on a monthly basis and purchasing the groceries in accordance to that list. This neat trick can help you save up to 30% of your money on a monthly basis. The fact is that in at least 50% of cases are no more the case that the high price means better quality. In order to achieve the goal of rational maximum savings, here are some simple advices.

Make a budget

Do not go shopping with the whole salary. The more money you have to spend, the more you buy. Determine how much will you spend on food this month. Try not to deviate from this rule, and every time you go shopping, carry a calculator. Count how much you spend and if you get off budget, give up snacks, juices and sweets and the unnecessary items.

Plan your meals in advance

Make an outline menu plan for the next month. For example, the soup will actually cook 10-15 times during the month, fish two times a month, three times to save the spaghetti, one will save the beans, twice macaroni and cheese, etc. Come up with and what you will eat breakfast. Take into account the fact that you can save for two or three meals, say corn bread, polenta, puff pastry (muffins, scones) or a cooked meal (stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, etc.) Be realistic when making menu.

Create a detailed list

Now that you have decided what you are going to eat next month, it’s time to make a list. Here you have to consider how many person eats. Do not think about whether you will go twice in the purchase or whether you can purchase some things in the shop in the neighborhood. The secret of great housewife is that you almost do not go to small purchases.

Things are sure to be found on the list are fresh meat (several types), flour, sugar, spices, canned food, vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea, pasta, and everything else you need to prepare meals from monthly menu, milk products (note that the expiration date, do not you throw away half of the month). Please note that the bunch of things can be put in the freezer.

Next think of hygiene and everything else you need for the house (lamps, school supplies, snacks, soft drinks). The list can make in the course of the month, for example, if you see that you will lack a sugar or flour, put it on a list. The same goes for all the other things, not just for food.

Follow the actions

You do not always choose where you buy the menu. Sometimes you can make and the actions menu. Read catalogs, collect coupons, follow the weekend action and discounts. So you can save a lot. Do not jump to buying the deals like “buy 2, get 3” or “buy a few, you get a cup or bowl.” It is O.K. if you really need something and if you really buy, say, a meal, and get some pasta or even flour. However, buying chocolate, juices, snacks … not only is not healthy, but usually not worth it. Stay in touch and sites for group purchases, looking for action on the internet.

It is also important to check the ratio of grams – price. It is always more cost-effective to buy large packages, but smaller.