How to shape your eyebrows

The shape and the look of the eyebrows is very important for the entire image of your face. If the eyebrows are shaped sloppy or just appear messy, no matter how hard you try to fix your appearance with make-up, it will still be heavily influenced by the shape and form of your eyebrows.
To avoid some common mistakes and achieve the look you want, we bring you 10 advices on how to shape your eyebrows.

  1. 1.      Decide

Before you start plucking your eyebrows, you should first decide what shape you want to achieve. The shape of your face is highly important in this decision. The eyebrows with emphasized arch go best with a round face, oval and heart-shaped face types, and square and triangle shapes of faces should be better off with a bit more gentle eyebrow shapes.

  1. 2.      Soap and water

Wash your face with a mild soap and water, and gently wipe off your face. Do not use the peeling because its granules could stick onto your eyebrows. If you have the time, dip the light cloth in lukewarm water and put the cloth on your face for about 5 minutes. The heat will open up the facial pores, making the plucking process easier and painless.

  1. 3.      Control the tweezers

The first and most common mistake that women tend to do excessively plucks the eyebrows. Once you go overboard with your tweezers, and pluck the extensive amount of your eyebrows, they are unlikely to grow back as they once were, which will make it more difficult to shape the way you want them to be.

  1. 4.      Project

Before you start with plucking, take 3 straight objects. Those objects can be your eyeliner, ruler, pencil or any straight object that you can easily control in your hand. Pull the first line from the beginning of your eyebrows, which is the point that is lined up with the end of your nose. All the hairs that are outside this line can go. The highest point of your eyebrows should be lined up with the outer edge of the iris of the eye, and the end of eyebrows should be at an angle of 45 degrees from the outer edge of your eye

  1. 5.      Prepare the tools

For shaping the perfect eyebrows, you will need a solid quality tweezers, mirror (optionally the one that can magnify the image), lights, soothing oil (ideally, aloe vera oil) or plain ice cube.

  1. 6.      Plucking time

After you have informed yourself with the procedure and you have prepared the tools for the process, you can officially start the plucking. Follow the step 4 guidelines. Again, be careful in plucking the hair and you are better off focusing on tweezing the hairs from the lower part of the eyebrow.

  1. 7.      Use the scissors

If you do have a couple of hairs that you consider to be too long, do not hesitate to use scissors and cut that sticking the hair. Isolate the hair with an eyebrow brush and take the nail scissors and cut it to the length of other eyebrows.

  1. 8.      Nurture your eyebrows

After you have finished the process, clean your face with regular water and wipe. Take a piece of cotton swab or a piece of cloth and apply the soothing oil on the irritated area. If you do not have any type of oil, just take an ice cube and place it on the area that needs soothing.

  1. 9.      Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil with eyebrow brush can serve as first aid when you do not have the time to devote your attention to eyebrows, or if you have made a few minor mistakes while shaping them. With small moves, fill in the gaps in your eyebrows and comb them, following the direction of their natural growth.

  1. 10.  Keep them neat

Take a few minutes every day to devote the attention to your eyebrows. Since they are now in flawless shape, by tweezing the excessive hair every now and then, you can keep them like that for long period.