How to solve siblings quarrels

, How to solve siblings quarrels

An indispensable part of children’s learning and growing up are children’s quarrels. When children are fighting, it evens the slightest disagreement that can quickly turn into a serious quarrel, which can lead to physical conflict. The relationship between the siblings in the family is usually a mixture of jealousy and love. They are very close, but still there somewhere still present rivalry with regard to the attention of parents and getting love.

How to reduce discord among children

1. Children very often tend to start a quarrel among them just to get your attention. However, if the quarrel is non-violent, it can stop if you, as a parent, choose to ignore it.
2. Never start quarrel with your partner in front of children, because children learn from you.
3. Any punishment would upset children, and will actually give you very short-term results, so try not to be too strict and never punish a child.
4. When you want to ask your child to do something, always use the “magic words” please and thank you. In this way, your child will become friendly.
5. If your children often fight, do not let them play together the game where one wins. This way you reduce them at least a little argument.
6. When you want to know who picked a quarrel, one will always be a victim, but you should never take sides.
7. During an argument, do not shout, because it would not help. Wait for the passions to subside, and then talk with your children. During the talk, ask your children to find other ways to solve their mutual problems.
8. When your children do something together in full harmony, always praise them and tell them it should always be like that. Give your children more attention in those moments, but remember to always divide your attention equally.

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