How to stop nose bleeding

, How to stop nose bleeding

Bleeding from the nose is very common. In most cases, it does not represent a serious threat to life or health.  In 90% of cases the bleeding is coming from the front part of the nasal septum, as a result of some lesions on the mucous membrane, and in 10% of the back of the nose. The amount of lost blood is usually insignificant and irrelevant to health. But bleeding may, in some cases, be more abundant and cause loss of greater amounts of blood, and, consequently, lead to anemia.

Here are some of the tips on how you can stop the bleeding from your nose:

1. Sit straight with your head slightly tilted forward (to prevent blood from flowing into the throat). First, gently blow out any eventual clots. Then press the soft part of the nose and press it firmly to the face. Hold for at least 10 minutes. If bleeding does not stop, hold like that for another 10 minutes. It usually works.

2. If you are still bleeding, wrap the nose with piece of coiled gauze and hold it pressed for another 10 to 15 minutes. If the bleeding stops, hold the gauze on the nose for another 2 hours. If the bleeding still does not stop, seek medical help.

3.  One of the alternative ways for stopping the nose bleed is lemon juice or lavender oil put on the area that is bleeding -usually located at the front, on the nasal partition, called the septum.

4.  Place an ice pack or cold compress soaked in witch hazel on the outside of the nose, just by the nostril from which you are bleeding. The cold will narrow the blood vessels in the nose that will slow the flow of blood.

After nosebleeds

Do not clean the inside of the nose after the bleeding stops – this can move blood clots and you can start bleeding again.

Clean everything else.

Turn on the humidifier in order to damp mucous membranes, which will help in the prevention of frequent nosebleeds (if you do not have such a device, breathe the air through your mouth, and slowly exhale).

Avoid any activity that may lead to nosebleeds. Make sure not to blow your nose, nor touch it, and nor rub it vigorously.

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