How to stretch out while sitting

, How to stretch out while sitting

The worst thing you can do for your body is to sit all day. If your job includes frequent sitting, make sure to occasionally get up, walk around and stretch your legs – it will help you greatly. The fact is that prolonged sitting greatly affects the human health and can lead to problems such as muscle weakness, problems with the colon, poor posture and back problems. This behavior causes muscular inactivity of the whole body, and this is the result of sitting.

Ideally, you should get up at least every hour, stretch out, and make a couple of steps forward and the like. As in most cases this is not possible, we bring you some advice that is useful to do if you have such a job that requires mainly sitting position for longer period. Repeat the advices as often as you can, and you can burn calories in this way and at the same time practice and encourage the activity of the body.


Be restless

Do not just sit there on the working chair like a statue. Tap your feet, writhing in chair, and the like. With this type of movement in this way you can lose up to 100 calories. Also, shake your hands, stretch the head and neck, and sit upright. The important thing is not to sit stiffly and calm all the time.

Straighten your feet

Straighten your feet so that they are parallel to the floor and so that you can tighten those thigh muscles. Hold for a few seconds, release and repeat again. For greater resistance, put one leg over the other and continue with the exercise.

Abdominal muscles

When sitting, tighten your abdominal muscles. Hold for a few seconds, relax and repeat as many times as you can. Also, try lifting your feet a few inches off the floor, hold briefly and release them. Repeat if desired.

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